A Long Island Rail Road passenger is asking the MTA to find a man who was screaming racist remarks at other riders last month. The woman who filmed the incident shared it on Facebook, writing, "Hey MTA LIRR, this man terrorizes your minority train riders on the 9:53PM Penn to Long Beach. I spoke with a friend who had a similar experience with the same man. This went on for more than ten minutes until he finally went to another train car."

The incident occurred on April 19th. (Warning: the video below is vulgar and racist.)

The witness who filmed the tirade explained:


An African American woman was behind him speaking on the phone (not loudly in my opinion as I was sitting only diagonally from him and could not hear her). He started off my mumbling under his breath and then escalated to yelling at her about being a loud mouth b!tch. When another young woman, also black, stood up for her, he continued to yell and then call them Monkeys.

What this video does not show - him getting up to get in the young women's face to scream at her more. It was honestly so disgusting to witness.

Say what you want in regards to "both" sides being ignorant and needing to be quiet. Have someone start yelling profanities at you for being 'loud' and see how you react.

A spokesperson for the LIRR said

, "This language is offensive, completely inappropriate, and has no place in our society, let alone on the Long Island Rail Road. We are actively investigating this report."