After releasing a report last year admitting that the F train was really f'ed up, the MTA says service on the subway line has improved significantly. So significantly, in fact, that officials have decided there's no reason for a proposed F train task force to bother meeting as planned. City Room reports that a proposed review of the F train’s timetable, which had not been revised since 2001, is no longer in the works, because the MTA is satisfied with performance on the F line. But State Senator Daniel Squadron, who lives along the F line in Carroll Gardens, says the MTA needs to make more of an effort.

The MTA is happy to report that more F trains are running on time and more regularly, and the entire fleet of trains now consists of new high-tech cars. In September, about 82 percent of F trains arrived at their destination within five minutes of the scheduled time, a 5 percent improvement from a year earlier. According to the report, the improvement is partially due, oddly enough, to the elimination of the V train, which has enabled F trains to roll more smoothly through the Second Avenue stop, where the V used to terminate (and make the subway platform a billion times hotter by idling there).

"People appreciate the new cars; it makes a difference," says Squadron, who requested the report. "But there is still frustration with service inconsistency... It feels like you get the diagnosis again, and it’s not specific about the solution." At press time, it was unclear whether the MTA's disease can ever be cured.