The MTA has been trying everything to get you to stay out of the East Side bus lanes. It has posted misspelled PSA signs. It has threatened fines and camera enforcement. But apparently, this isn't enough to keep everyone from partying it up in those sweet lanes. So the MTA is turning to the enemy of its enemy, cyclists, to keep everyone in line.

Starting Monday, eight cyclists carting informative billboards will be deployed along First and Second Avenues to remind drivers, pedestrians and other cyclists that chilling in the bus lane will earn you a $115 ticket, and that the lanes are protected by camera surveillance. Raymond Villani of MyAdsOnBikes, the company the MTA hired to make the announcements, said, "It's a wonderful, green method of advertising. It's nonpolluting. There's no carbon footprint. Just a unique way of getting attention." Yeah, but won't the bus drivers be getting frustrated with the bikers and their giant signs clogging up the streets, especially since Second Avenue doesn't have a designated bike lane? We've contacted MyAdsOnBikes to see if they have a statement, but in the meantime let's try to make the introduction of cyclists carting billboards in Second Avenue traffic as peaceful as possible, OK?