Ah, the Second Avenue subway, the MTA's little line that couldn't. On the one hand, the MTA was testing train cars on the tracks, but on the other hand, the line which might as well officially be renamed "The Oft-Delayed Second Avenue Line" might have to open with at least one stop unfinished. And now it turns out that some of the tunnels had to be shaved down to fit some of the trains cars that the MTA uses.

According to the Daily News, construction crews had to widen walls this month in some of the tunnels that had already been built, so they could accommodate the 75-foot-long train cars the MTA uses.

Q trains, which will be running on the line, are 60-feet-long, while other lettered lines use the 75-foot-long cars. However, the News notes that the 75-foot trains would need to use the Second Avenue tunnels if MTA employees were moving equipment around. MTA spokeswoman Beth DeFalco told the paper that even with this close shave, there's no change from the agency's plan to open in December. Given its history though, what would the Second Avenue Line be without one type of problem or another all the way up until the day the line opens?