There's something marvelous about the many new colonial walls the MTA is discovering in Battery Park (a third one was just found!). You learn more about the city's past...and it provides the great metaphor for the agency, as the Transport Workers Union is looking to convene a second vote on the contract it rejected last month. But more about the wall: Through the MTA's attempts to enhance the South Ferry subway station and build a tunnel, another cobble stone wall has been found, leading the Parks Department to come up with some plans for this part of olde Nieue Yorke history - rebuilding the first wall in Battery Park, then using stones from the third wall to pave downtown parks. The MTA, though, has awesome plans for the second wall - here's the NY Times scoop:

After initially resisting, officials of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority have embraced the idea of incorporating some of the stone in the South Ferry terminal. They plan to embed a section 20 feet long and a few feet high in the middle of a white glass wall in the mezzanine, said Sandra Bloodworth, director of the transportation authority's Arts for Transit program.

The goal, Ms. Bloodworth said, is to "recreate the experience of discovering the wall." The section the stones will be taken from is too "massive," at 60 feet long and more than 8 feet thick, to be displayed as a whole, she said.

The stones are a late addition to the design plan for the terminal, which will be home to the largest art installation in the entire subway system. About a year ago, Arts for Transit selected Doug and Mike Starn to create the decorative elements of the terminal. The Starn brothers proposed incorporating images of trees and leaves into both the walls and the fencing inside, Ms. Bloodworth said.

Ooh - too bad these discoveries are delaying working on the station.

And the Starns are identical twins who work in Brooklyn - check out their website.