After last week's C line incident, Gothamist has been delighted to notice that the MTA is getting it from all sides. The NY Times, Newsday, and NY Post all have prominent feature/editorial type pieces that question the sanity of the MTA. And the Daily News notes that the way the MTA's capital plan works, fire-proofing the remaining signal relay rooms could take 16 years, but NY magazine looks at how the Governor's and Mayor's budget decisions have dug the MTA into a terrible hole.

Gothamist is glad that the local media is putting the pressure on the MTA and the city and state governments to be even more accountable. But we're not sure if we're glad or mad that the NY Post listed vulnerable MTA locations for terrorist attack, like a "fake brownstone in a Brooklyn neighborhood that camouflages a ventilation system for the IRT line" (photo from the NY Post at left) and the "hatch leading to a Manhattan subway tunnel that can be opened with a pair of pliers." But we don't worry that much, since it's highly likely that any subway route is plagued by the many problems, courtesy of the MTA.

We encourage you to sign the Straphangers' petition to make the MTA more open and accountable.