MetrocardAs Gothamist gets ready to head to Brooklyn for brunch, we rue the fare hike.
As one would expect, the Post has some choice quotes:

"This is bull- - - -," said Dave Nichols, 25, from Brooklyn.

"What can I say? It's very bad, no one likes it, believe me," added Shaba Khan, 45, on his way home in The Bronx and cursing to find his MetroCard had just run out.

At precisely 12:01 a.m., when metal tokens no longer were accepted, Jeffrey Foster, 13, of Washington Heights said: "I tried to put my token in and it don't fit."

The Daily News is a little more constructive, giving reasons for what the fare hike means to us New Yorkers.

The MTA on fares. Gothamist used to think, "Hey, it's a service, sure fare hikes are necessary," but then upon hearing about the corruption, we're disgusted. Obviously, the only thing that will make us feel better for the moment is picking up the apple streudel from Citarella.