Hard to believe the MTA has only been running its "Fastrack" closures for less than a year but that is the way good ideas roll. And "Fastrack"—in which the MTA entirely shuts down corridors of the subway system for multiple nights in a row—has turned out to be a really good idea financially, according to the MTA. So of course they are hoping to expand on it in 2013. Upper Manhattan, the Bronx and Queens? You guys have some subway-less nights (and some weekend days!) to look forward to in the new year.

"Over the past year we have found this to be an extremely effective way to maintain a subway system that operates around the clock, seven days a week," NYCT President Thomas F. Prendergast said of the program in a statement this afternoon. "We have seen concrete benefits in the way the system is being maintained through Fastrack and we are now ready to roll it out to other line segments.” What does that mean? That means that, as previously hinted, next year some new corridors that will be getting heavy maintenance include:

  • the Broadway NQR south of Queensboro Plaza to Court Street
  • the A Line between 168th Street and 207th Street, in upper Manhattan
  • the Concourse Line D between 161st and 205th Streets
  • the Queens Boulevard Line EFMR between 5th Av/53rd Street and Roosevelt Avenue
  • the Lexington Avenue Local 6 between 45th and 100th Streets
  • the Lexington Avenue Express 45 between 45th and 100th Streets
  • the Sixth/Eighth Avenue Lines ABCD between 59th-Columbus Circle and 168th-Broadway and 161st -River Avenue
  • Nassau Street-Broad Street-Essex St J
  • the Fourth Avenue Line between 36th and 95th Streets D NR
  • and the 2 along Nostrand Avenue south of Franklin Avenue.

And those aren't the only changes to the Fastrack program. In addition, next year the MTA will be doing weekend daytime Fastrack work in locations where tracks are above ground (for safety reasons the MTA doesn't want to do Fastrack work there at night). To start that means the DQ tracks between the Coney Island Creek Bridge and the North Stillwell Interlocking.

When exactly those corridors will be closed is still to be decided, but if this year was any example the MTA will be plastering subway stations to try and give straphangers fair warning.