2006_06_evactrain.jpgEven though we live in a "See Something, Say Something" subway society, it turns out that the MTA's evacuation plans are the same ones from before Spetember 11. AMNY explains:

New hires, such as motormen, conductors and cleaners, generally receive several hours of evacuation training at the Coney Island Rail Yards, then get a refresher course once every three years. In the interim, workers are issued the same 21/2-page, 17-point bulletin that provides general instructions on how to lead riders out of a station in the event of a terror attack, fire, flood or power outage. Not a single word in that plan has changed since 9/11.

Though the union is concerned, the MTA has, on the face of things, claimed its plans are great, as evacuations went well during September 11 and and the blackout. But the MTA is working with a contractor to review evacuation procedures - expect a most-likely startling report later this year.

The MTA does have an evacuation train. But that won't really help during a blackout.