The MTA gets the one–two a day after they announced cutting MTA subway station jobs:
- A man is stabbed at the an elevator mezzanine at the 181st Street 1 train station, one of the stations that will be hit by the cuts. The MTA is going to automate most of the elevators, removing the elevator operators. The MTA says that people can ride in the elevator that still has an operator if they are worried.
- The Times reports that two former high level MTA officials and a current MTA employee helped a contractor steal $18 million. They were charged with racketeering yesterday and Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau says about the case, "Wherever we look we find fraud."

The NYC public transportation system is amazing, and New Yorkers, though we grouse about it, do try to get through each fare increase, each station renovation, line disturbance, knowing that a lot goes into making sure the subways, buses, and trains are there for us. But it's just depressing to think about the level of corruption at one end of the agency and the lack of resources for critical operations at the other. Please, MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow, do something...maybe hire an image rehabilitation firm after you've cleaned the MTA's upper ranks, versus the workers underground.