The MTA has announced a special winter holiday timed promotion to show riders that it can do something with its $900 million surplus that doesn't involve building a platform over the West Side railyards or expensive security bids: DIscounted fares between Thanksgiving and New Year's. This is how they break down:

- Give a $1 discount on each $2 fare during the weekends between Thanksgiving and New Year's which turns into a...
- $1 discount on $2 fares during the entire last week of December
- Give monthly Metrocard holders an extra 4 days of riding (so, $76 for 34 days, instead of 30 days)
- Give weekly Metrocard holders an extra day ($24 for 8 days)
- Offer a $76 monthly Metrocard good for 39 days that you can buy at token booths (if you find them - ha!)

This will cost the MTA $50 million this year, and some wonder if this is really helping New Yorkers or tourists. Gothamist says both, as it will hopefully ease holiday traffic though the MTA probably looked at their ridership numbers for the past 20 winters. The MTA is considering doing this again next year, as well as putting aside $450 million for pension funds.

Do you think this discount is an effective holiday gift from the MTA? Or would you rather regift it?