Suffice to say, it is like standing behind an idling car's exhaust when you walk down the street during this heatwave. But while most New Yorkers seem to be taking the extremely uncomfortable temperatures in stride, they have not had as much patience with major MTA delays: one Gothamist writer waited for nearly an hour for the C yesterday, "though about 10 A trains stopped during that time. The deer thermometer said it was 100 degrees!" Another tweeted a similar tale: "110° over crowded Howard Beach Subway platform, for over 50 minutes while six A trains arrive for the wrong direction. Well done MTA."

Chelsea-Lyn Rudder told the News she was trapped for over an hour aboard an air condition-less Metro-North train on her way to see a Rihanna concert at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut yesterday: "It was very, very hot. Everyone was sweating profusely. It was like a sauna." And one reader wrote us with a detailed account of her miserable subway experience. Check it out below (and her picture of the scene above):

The MTA screwed up yet again yesterday.

After arriving to 36th st. in Brooklyn on an N train that was being rerouted as a D train (around 11:50PM), myself and a number of other equally frustrated passengers (see photos attached) ended up waiting for an R train for 30+ minutes on a platform that was unbearably hot.

During this time, a number of D trains and N trains passing for D trains made their way, with little on the R horizon. There was a momentary beacon of light, but it ended up running past the 36th train stop without stopping.

A second R train did eventually arrive and everyone got onboard only to be told that there was some sort of problem (this turned out to be that the train pulled onto the wrong set of tracks!). Everyone had to wait 10+ minutes for the train to move backwards and onto the right set of tracks.

Given the 90+ degrees last night, this entire incident was a complete mess on the part of the MTA.