It seems like every May we get an announcement about the Fulton Street Transit Center. In 2004, it was an announcement an amazing new transit center would be built. Last year, it was that the project would be delayed and scaled back (a smaller glass dome, shorter hallways between lines). This year, it's more scaling back as it's $50 million over budget so far (the original estimated budget was $799 million). Apparently rising real estate costs are to blame - and we thought MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow owned a chunk of that land! The MTA may have to redesign the beautiful, glass domed entrance, though they say they are trying to "maintain the concept of a light and airy" space. By the time this project gets done, we'll be lucky if we see a concrete box with a couple windows and skylights!

Really, we hope the project is as glassy and "ethereal" as the renderings would suggest - here's the MTA's site about the plan.