It's been a few months since we heard about Brooklyn resident Meg Richichi and her battle against the MTA's construction of a 250-foot passageway—but that doesn't mean she hasn't been continuously hearing the work being done.

Located between the Jay Street subway station and the R train at Lawrence Street (and conveniently located nearby Richichi's sleeping chambers), she had told NY1 at the time that construction was ongoing through the night—even drilling, jack-hammering, and cutting of pipes. The MTA said they were following regulations for allowable noise, and, don't worry, construction will be done in March 2011! They also said they would take measures to lessen the racket.

Now NY1 has caught back up with Richichi, who tells them the noise is still going on—from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m.! So what gives, MTA? In a statement, they said: "We regret the inconvenience to residents in the area while this project is ongoing, and we will make every effort to mitigate the noise levels emanating from it." But here's the thing, they also explained that the agency's "contractors are using a jack hammer to break the sidewalk during the night, so that sidewalks are open for pedestrians during the day." Enjoy your busted up sidewalks, pedestrians?