People, the MTA may be restoring service cuts but the agency still needs money. So here's a new idea being floated around: Charging subway and bus passengers an extra $1 for each new MetroCard they buy.

The Daily News says the MTA hopes the "green fee" will encourage riders to refill their existing cards, so they can "reduce the amount of MetroCards that are printed, discarded and hauled to the landfill, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said." MTA spokesman Adam Lisberg explained that that around 160 million MetroCards are printed—a $9.5 million cost—every year. While the fee could add up to $18 million in revenue and $2 million in savings, Lisberg emphasized the eco- and quality-of-life benefits, "It’s good for the environment and will reduce litter in our stations. Everyone has had the experience of walking into a station and seeing MetroCards littering the ground. If it costs $1 to replace your card, you won’t see that anymore."

While some people are grousing, the Straphangers Campaign approves of the idea. Also, Lisberg said that people who refill their MetroCards but find their card has expired (it's good for a year) won't be charged the fee either.