The MTA is considering adopting articulated train cars, similar to accordion-style buses, as the subway cars of the future. This means you may have to kiss your dreams of subway quiet cars and conversation cars goodbye.

The Times reports that the MTA released a 142-page document outlining needs for the next 20 years, the MTA is interested in getting rid of doors between subway cars, and instead adopting long cars ala Toronto's underground system. “This will both maximize carrying capacity,” the authority wrote, adding that it will allow passengers to “move to less-crowded areas of the train, balancing loading and unloading times at all doors.”

This wouldn't happen anytime soon—probably not for 30 or 40 years—and it might be too cost prohibitive to pull off. We are talking about an organization that doesn't consider a $1.9 billion surplus a surplus, after all. But just imagine how this would change life for straphangers: that car that's completely empty because one person evacuated on the floor would no longer exist, and we'd all have to deal with the stench. Subway sax battles would become an unfortunate everyday occurrence. And dear god, you could no longer hide from that man eating smelly brie.