Last month, the Straphangers Campaign released the results of their "State of the Subways" study, which said that subway service was getting better. However, they were only able to test service on three out of six measures, and the MTA's comprehensive report back in July said service was declining. New statistics from the Transit Committee Meeting [pdf] confirm that downward trend, showing that trains are running slower and breaking down more than they did last year. MTA Board member Doreen Frasca told the Post, "September does not look like it was a home run for us. It feels like this is not going in the right direction."

According to the statistics from September, trains are running about 5% slower than last year. Systemwide, the percentage of trains that arrived on-time (defined as on-time, early or no more than five minutes late) dropped from 90.5% in September 2009 to 86% this September. The worst is the Q train, which arrives on-time almost 15% less during weekdays than last year. Weekend service was even worse, with the 3 train arriving on time less than 25%, a nearly 63% drop from last year. Overall weekend service dropped 3.4%. At least the F train is doing fine!

Carmen Bianco, the senior vice president for subways, said not to worry because they're working on it, alright? "This is situational, and not systemic." Straphangers agreed that service continues to be awful, especially since the widespread service cuts. "I’ve been stuck for 20 minutes," said one woman on the Q train. "You get subway rage, its like road rage." Another straphanger said, "We’re going to be paying more for inferior service. I was trying to go to the opera once, and I was 40 minutes late because I was waiting for the 1 train." The MTA says multiple construction projects are causing the subways to run slow during off-peak hours, but any time people need to get to the opera should really be considered rush hour.