Nominated by Governor Paterson to lead the MTA, Jay Walder, who grew up in Queens and took the A train, said at a press conference yesterday, "The taxpayers and riding public need to understand and believe they are getting value for money in the way we operate the trains, buses, bridges and tunnels, and in the way we undertake the massive capital investments that are underway... That has to be an immediate focus. We must restore the public trust and confidence in this organization." The former MTA executive director and, more recently, Transport for London planning and finance director also admitted he'll have "to make difficult and sometimes unpopular decisions." Walder didn't indicate whether he'll bring a London Underground's Oyster-type swipeless smart card to the MTA (here's a comparison from the Times) but he's previously said NYC Transit would be ready for some kind of smart card. State Sen. Carl Kruger (D-Brooklyn) said there would be a long confirmation hearing process, "This is just not a game warden at the Adirondack Park. It's the MTA's chief operating office."