2006_12_kalikow.jpgWhoa, is this an early holiday present to Governor-elect Eliot Spitzer? Or is this a fake-out to appease him for now? MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow told a state Assembly oversight hearing that he'll leave office "sometime in the second quarter": "There are things that I want to get finished. When they are finished I would like to resign." Those things being getting funding for the Second Avenue Subway and other capital projects secured.

Kalikow was appointed to another six-year term in June, but Spitzer has been vocal about wanting Kalikow out. Kalikow, though, had previously said he will stay on as long as it will take to complete his projects, but this has been the first time he's attached an actual date. If Kalikow can commit to leaving, Spitzer might be able to avoid an ugly fight with Kalikow (though Spitzer may not mind having a public battle to show he really wants to clean house).

However, even a few more months of Kalikow in 2007 doesn't sit well with some. Both the Transit Workers Union and the Straphangers' Campaign tell amNew York Kalikow needs to leave sooner. The Straphangers' Gene Russianoff said, "I think he should resign. To hold the governor accountable you need the governor to fill the top posts."

Photograph of Peter Kalikow by Jori Klein