A question we kept asking ourselves yesterday as we kept getting pictures of the more than 1,000 buses stuck across the city was "why don't they have any chains?" The answer? Poor planning. According to one transit supervisor the MTA just kept sending out buses without tire chains. "It was a disaster," they said.

Not that they were necessarily going to do too much good though. Driver Frank Musacchio's bus had chains on when he left the depot at midnight Sunday night and he barely made it a few blocks before getting stuck—in the end he had to wait in his bus for more than 10 hours before it was towed out. “I never made 49th street. Chains didn’t help” he said.

Meanwhile, you remember that hysterical line of buses going up lower Fifth yesterday? NYCTransitForums offers an awesome play by play of how it all happened, from the first bus stuck to a second bus whose attempt to get around the first one led to the parade (how else do you describe a line of dozens of buses?). The whole thing leaves us speechless.