Now that everyone feels nice and safe about the roads after the crash caused by texting in Brooklyn, the MTA reports that they've caught 178 bus drivers texting, and 14 for eating or reading while driving just this year. And depending on their records, some of the drivers were merely "reprimanded" rather than suspended or dismissed.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said, "Rules banning commercial bus and truck drivers from texting on the job and restricting train operators from using cellphones and other electronic devices while in the driver's seat have been posted today." Even though it has been banned since last October.

MTA spokesman Charles Seaton said that the offenders come out of 10,000 drivers, and that the MTA is serious about policing drivers and following up on complaints. But not everyone is punished they way they should be. Bus driver Jeremy Philhower had been suspended for texting while driving, and on his first day back on the job struck and killed a 22-year-old crossing 53rd Street and 9th Avenue. The Post says he was texting at the time, though investigators previously said they didn't believe he was. However, a report shows he did not "scan appropriately" for pedestrians, and was driving too fast. We're about ready to avoid buses even more now.