2006_11_bus.jpgWell, not really roll tape, but the MTA is installing surveillances cameras on its buses. According to amNew York, the digital surveillance system will records various views "of passengers, as well as from the driver's point of view," (though the driver himself/herself won't be filmed). The $5.2 million pilot program will ultimately be on 450 buses by July. Six have them now, and another 50 will get cameras in January; if it goes well, it'll be implemented on all 4,500 buses. The footage is available for 90 days (unless needed for an investigation).

NYC Transit President Lawrence Reuter did mention how video surveillance helped with the London bombings investigation, but his other remarks show another purpose: "We also believe that it will be extremely valuable in investigating accident-injury claims." The Post says there are about three slip-and-fall customer accidents every day. And there's even a farebox view camera. Will that film people having a hard time putting their Metrocards in? Or failing to find enough change?

Photograph of a city bus by Triborough on Flickr