Can you blame him? An MTA bus driver was arrested this morning after he allegedly punched a passenger who had allegedly spat in his face. Twice! We never understand why people attack transit workers (a class D felony!), but at least the passenger didn't throw a brick?

The incident occurred near Kings Plaza around 7:45 a.m. when, according to police, a 23-year-old with a broken MetroCard tried to board 42-year-old Robert Volkens Q35 bus. The man asked to ride for free, Volkens told him no and, after some argument, another passenger reportedly paid the young man's fare.

But the passenger with the bad Metrocard still wasn't happy and apparently spat on the driver's face twice when exiting on Nostrand near Avenue H. So Volkens allegedly got off the bus and punched the punk, at which point he was promptly arrested for misdemeanor assault.

According to an MTA official Volkens now faces "appropriate action" at the "conclusion of a thorough investigation."