The MTA bus driver charged with felony hit-and-run after fatally striking a 70-year-old woman on Monday morning in Brooklyn has a criminal record involving arrests for felony assault and drug possession.

According to the NY Post and the Times, 48-year-old Paul Roper was arrested twice in 2007, once for drug possession, and again for felony assault. Roper was arrested again in 2012 for misdemeanor assault.

All of the arrests are sealed, and their disposition is unknown, though Roper was obligated to report them to the MTA, where he has worked for 15 years. Roper has reportedly never failed a random drug/alcohol screening while on the job.

“Because no further action was taken from those three arrests, we had no grounds to instigate any disciplinary action against Mr. Roper,” an MTA spokesperson told the Times.

Roper fatally struck Carol Bell as she lawfully crossed the street in East New York on Monday morning; witnesses said he briefly stopped after striking Bell, who lived in a women's shelter a block away, before driving away.

“My pops has been on that job for 15 years," Roper's son told the Post. "He probably didn’t see her.”

The Post has the courtroom exchange at Roper's arraignment:

“The sound made by the impact was heard by several civilians,” said prosecutor Wilfredo Cotto. “The pedestrian was dismembered.”

Defense attorney Clifford Levin argued at the arraignment that Roper couldn’t see Bell because of a blind spot located on the left side of the bus.

“I’ve already confirmed this particular model of bus that he was driving has had litigation because of a blind spot on the left-hand pillar,” Levin said.

After suspending his license, the judge set Roper's bail at $20,000.

On Sunday morning, a 52-year-old MTA bus driver struck and killed Leyla Enukasvili in Forest Hills while Enukasvili was crossing the street in a marked crosswalk. No charges have been filed in that case.