Real estate developer and free EZ Pass fan David Mack resigned from the MTA Board and Port Authority Board after it was revealed he didn't cooperate with Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's investigation of the state police's possible political interference. In fact, Mack pleaded the Fifth Amendment 37 times. According to Cuomo's report, a previous state police superintendent "had been pressured to appoint...Mack, a real estate developer and Pataki fund-raiser, to the uniformed post of deputy superintendent, though Mr. Mack had no law enforcement experience. Mr. Mack went on to appear at official functions in a full dress uniform, angering rank-and-file troopers." (Apparently he's a police buff!) Governor Paterson rescinded his re-nomination of Mack to the Port Authority board and called on him to resign, but Mack refused until yesterday. In his statement, Mack said he was honored to serve the state agencies (and said he did so "diligently and faithfully"), "As I write this note during observances of 9/11, I can’t help but remember eight years ago when both the Port Authority and M.T.A. confronted extraordinarily difficult times.