The MTA board will be meeting today to discuss the State Legislature-approved $2.26 billion bailout plan that provides some relief to the agency while raising fares 10% for commuters (this year, plus additional fare hikes in 2011 and 2013) and imposing a payroll tax for employers in 12 counties. On the upside, there are no major service cuts. During this meeting, the board is expected to reduce the doomsday fare hikes and service cuts it approved in March (we expect the Post to keep tabs on whether Nancy "I'm dating Macca" Shevell attends). The other big news is MTA CEO Lee Sander's resignation. Sander told WCBS 2, "I think it's fair to say I'm leaving because the governor wants me to. It's his prerogative choose who he wants to be chair and CEO of the MTA and I've made it clear that it's his choice... I would prefer to stay. For me, it was a dream job. I am very proud of the progress we had made in the two and a half years."