Sources say the MTA will approve the Jets' bid to develop the West Side Rail Yards into a sports and convention emporium full of football, retail shops, and ugly architectural plans. This as it turns out that New Yorkers are opposed to the stadium, 53% to 38% supporting it. The MTA board reportedly found the Cablevision bid "not credible" - while the Cablevision bid was higher on paper, the actual cash value was less than the Jets' bid because Cablevision included construction costs or something in it. Trying to vet the bids was complex on many levels, entwining issues of what will benefit the MTA most and what is best politically, as many MTA board members are appointed by politicians. The quote Gothamist loves from the NY Times article is "Last May, Gov. George E. Pataki named an advisory committee to examine all public authorities throughout the state. The result of those efforts remains to be seen" in the context of making sure the MTA is on the up-and-up. Figures nothing would come of a Pataki initiative.

Anyway, it's probable that Cablevision will sue if the MTA accepts the Jets' bid, which could drag out the process much longer than city and Jets officials would like. The was a rally for the stadium yesterday, and, hey, it's the Mayor's seven-point plan as to why the Jets' bid is better for NYC! For example, "It provides greater certainty to the MTA," cause the Cablevision bid is built around more "maybes" than theirs. Yay for platitudes!

Gothamist on the West Side railyards.