Here's something that should have made the list of best & worst NYC Transit moments of the 2010s: N, R & W trains were delayed today because of a pencil. Assuming the pencil broke, this is no doubt the most pointless subway delay in history.

And no, this is not a joke. Pencils are not a joke, Jean. Do not joke about pencils with NYC Transit. It's not a joke. Jean, don't even.

Of course, if it turned out the delay was caused by this pencil below, Jean wouldn't be asking if it was a joke, now would she? That right there is a serious pencil.

But wait, there's more: as everyone who didn't leave the city in the last 24 hours probably noticed by now, there were numerous other subway delays today unrelated to writing implements.

The MTA press office did not immediately respond to an inquiry about the pencil incident. But please don't leave your pencils in the train doors, or else it's going 2B a bad ride.