With some new signs, the MTA is trying to remind subway riders that trying to push through a train car's closing doors slows subway service down. CityRoom describes the graphic, "The image above shows a rider wedged into the door, his body awkwardly positioned as the panels slam shut. (Whether he made his way into the train car, and succeeded in getting to his destination, remains unknown.)" If only the other people on the train car were shown with their annoyed expressions!

The Post reports, "Last year, more than 9,000 trains were late because of door-blocking, city officials say. That number is on track to be even higher this year, because 7,500 door delays occurred in just the first eight months of 2009. A train is considered late if it arrives more than five minutes behind schedule." Ha, lately it seems like five minutes is "on time." Anyway, you know how it goes—when you're already on the train, you hate the door holders but when you're rushing for the train, you appreciate the folks who hold the door open for you ('cause who knows when another will appear!).