The NY State Legislature is meeting this afternoon to pass the MTA bailout the News calls "a slow-motion train wreck (that's) better than nothing." With no long term plans for capital funding and future hikes expected, Richard Ravitch (pictured), the man who got the bailout ball rolling, said, "I am disappointed that they didn't fund the five year plan. I'm disappointed they didn't do the tolls. But I'm thrilled they did something." The lack of East River tolls can be attributed to the maneuvering of the Gang of Three, one of whom (Sen. Carl Kruger) joked at a press conference, "Ravitch is supporting the plan that he opposed two months ago." Politicker NY says that no one laughed. The final push from Governor Paterson and Malcolm Smith was to promise $60 million to Long Island schools in order to get the last two Democratic holdouts on board with subjecting their constituents to the payroll tax that will largely fund the plan. Still, one local official on the Island told Newsday, "I'm very discouraged. I don't believe that Long Island's interests were well represented."