This morning, the MTA board met and passed Albany's proposed fare hikes and toll increases. Commuter rail fares will begin to increase on June 17; fares on subways and buses will change on June 28; bridge and tunnel tolls will increase on July 12. Fares are rising an average of 10%.

MTA Chairman Dale Hemmerdinger said, "Today we implemented a bittersweet solution that comes with additional pain for our customers, our employees and those who live and work in our region. But it will - at least for the short term - prevent the Armageddon that loomed large when we last met." And departing MTA CEO Lee Sander said, "The fare and toll increase passed today is not ideal, but it spares our customers from actions that would have been extraordinarily painful. Implementing severe fare increases and deep service cuts directly contradicts the MTA’s mission and my goals as CEO. It is a great relief to know we will be able to continue providing the service our customers expect at an affordable price."

Here are the new subway and bus fares:


Additionally, the Daily News reports, "About 600 token booth clerks and customer assistant positions are still on track to be eliminated through attrition, a move that was criticized by transit advocates and union officials." One booth clerk tells the News that "she has contacted police and paramedics for ill or injured riders," adding, "I've meant the difference between them living and dying because I was there. What in the hell [is the MTA] thinking?"