Oh, the MTA. You love to keep us on our toes, don't you? Not content to keep the L out of commission seemingly half the year (granted, when "the silver bullet" runs, it runs swell) you've decided to mess with the East Side too! And not in the cock-tease, someday we'll build you a Second Avenue Subway line kind of messing either. Oh, no. For the next two months if you ride the 4 or the 5 express lines downtown you should expect to be delayed by an average of 10-minutes thanks to track work the authority is going to start on Monday.

In the long term the work that the MTA is going to be doing, between 86th and 14th on the downtown side, should be a good thing, and we have a hard time begrudging the MTA for trying, but man, considering how insanely crowded the Lexington lines can get during rush hour... We'll just take the local, thanks.

Lexington Local from nhan's flickr stream.