2005_12_transitworkers.jpgYesterday, the MTA made an offer to the Transit Workers Union - an offer that the TWU could definitely refuse. It was a two year contract, 3% raise for year 1, followed for a 2% raise for year 2, with workers contributing 2% of earning to health benefits. The NY Post spins the positive (a "Rail Good Start") while the NY Times takes the negative, probably more realistic, road ("Union Balks"). But the TWU did admit the 3% was a good starting place, though they want a three year raise (the MTA isn't sure of its finances, though, and doesn't want to commit, like a bad significant other).

In the meantime, the Mayor told reporters about his plans in case there is a strike: To sleep in Brooklyn, at the Office of Emergency Management's offices.

"We do always put people up during emergencies there so we have staff and we have cots and that sort of thing, so I would probably stay there so I could walk across the bridge, although if I have a lot of meetings in midtown in off-hours I would go uptown [to my Upper East Side townhouse]."

Sleepover with the Mayor? Billionaire on a cot? Hijinks galore - we almost want a strike! Anyway, when there are storms looming and the government is strongly suggesting mass transit, a strike could seriously freeze the city.