2007_01_cow.JPGWhere do the MTA's executive director and the TWU's president lunch? The Old Homestead! The NY Times reveals that Executive Director Elliot Sander ordered the rack of lamb while TWU President Roger Toussaint had the herb-rubbed roast chicken (what, no one ordered the Kobe Beef Hamburger?) and split the bill. If only we were a fly or a cow on the wall! We bet they discussed how much Pataki sucks, how the real time information boards will take forever to install, and how the new subway cars are pretty cool.

The lunch seemed to be a "getting to know you" meeting, though they did discuss security. Toussaint told the Times it was a constructive conversation and that he never ever had a one-on-one meeting with Kalikow. Man, a lunch with just Toussaint and Kalikow - that's a sitcom premise!

And Sander was on NY1's The Call and said he wants to continue to improve the MTA. "Part of the exercise for someone like myself in managing the large system is to make sure we have the best, most talented people in the system. We have a lot of great people there to improve in terms of training." Well, Sander, roll up your sleeves: You've got a brewing brawl over banning booze, as Metro-North wants to keep alcohol sales on its line while other MTA officials want the rails to sober up.