2006_10_mtarobot.jpgEarlier this week, some Pratt art students decided to leave a duffel bags and backpacks full crap (the Post, comic books) in various subway and cars stations in what the Daily News described as a "bid to show the ineptitude of the MTA and NYPD." And inside the packages? The MTA security saying, "See Something, Say Something." Well, it was an ultimately unsuccessful bid, as Robert Barrett and Jamie Davis were arrested and charged with planting fake bombs within five hours. The Daily News reports that the packages, which were left on the G, L, 5 and 1 trains and at the Union Square station, were found by passengers and MTA employees. And the police said that materials in the packages led them back to Barrett and Davis. Hilarious - they probably left junk mail in there! Either that or an art school enemy turned them in.

So, the lesson is: Don't underestimate the MTA or NYPD when it comes to foiling student art. And this might give the NYPD more fodder for bag checks. The police have their own fake-package- left-at-the-subway-platform program - Operation Lucky Bag.