2008_10_rangels.jpgThe NY Post takes up the marriage of Representative Charles Rangel and Alma Rangel, aftertalking to Mrs. Rangel's lawyer who says Rangel "scorned and dumped" his wife of 42 years after becoming the chair of the House Ways and Means Committee--by filing for divorce. Lawyer Sherri Donovan said that's why Alma Rangel demanded a jury case, "She did not want this divorce. She wanted to stay married to him. She's been a loyal wife for a long time." Then last month, Rangel stopped divorce proceedings, as reports questioned his taxes and other dealings. In fact, Rangel's lawyer blamed the non-reporting of income tax on a vacation villa on Alma Rangel and an accountant. When asked if Rangel's change of tune was related to the ethics issues, Donovan said, "Who knows? Maybe that made him real. Or maybe he realized he needs her." Rangel's own lawyer said, "It's very unfair for The Post to do this story and sad that it considers this legitimate journalism."