2005_07_trumpun.jpgLife takes on insanely surreal proportions when the local real estate egomaniac/ punchline about hair/ reality star goes to Washington to testify about real estate development. At least, Gothamist thinks so. Donald Trump testified in front of Congressional leaders to explain why the U.N.'s plans for their redevelopment are terrible. The U.N. has been contemplating various options, including moving its headquarters to Brooklyn, in order to secure enough space for its offices. Trump thinks that the U.N.'s plan to pay $1.2 billion for redevelopment is too much and explained it with his usual brio:

We have major slime in New York, and much of that is in the form of contractors. Isn't that a sad thing to say? And every one of them, I guarantee you, will find their way to the United Nations."

And, yes, people laughed at that. The U.S.'s involvement is due to the fact that U.S. would loan the $1.2 billion for the project to the U.N. Trump compared renovating the U.N. to his refurbishing of Wollman Rink and emphasized he'd be up to do it: "This is a bigger version of Wollman skating rink, that's all it is to me. I don't want money. I want nothing." Congress, as tempting as that sounds, you cannot put the U.N.'s redevelopment's plans in Trump's hands, because next thing you know, he'll have two teams working on various projects for it on The Apprentice! But one point Gothamist can agree with: As Trump explained that the U.N. might get screwed over when finding temporary office space, he said, "If you know New York City landlords, and some of you do, they are the worst human beings on earth." Who knows if Trump's visit was for real or just a photo op, but no one minded seeing the hot Melania Knauss Trump in the audience.

Photograph by Reuters