icecreamman.jpgAn ice-cream man whose Mr. Softee truck was parked across the street from an intermediate school in Jamaica, Queens was arrested yesterday for allegedly selling drugs in addition to frozen treats. Police executed a search warrant for the Mr. Softee truck yesterday afternoon and found cocaine, marijuana, and a loaded handgun.

Jermaine Jordan
is the 26-year-old ice-cream man/alleged drug dealer who is now under arrest. Neighborhood parents were concerned that he was possibly selling drugs near a playground where hundreds of area children were spending time during summer vacation. I.S. 8 in Jamaica was hosting a day care summer camp across the street from the Mr. Softee truck.

Cops have been watching Jordan sell drugs from his truck for some time, according to the New York Post. The dealer would hide packets of drugs underneath ice cream that was sold with double paper cones. The holder of the Mr. Softee license from whom he was renting the truck reportedly had no idea that his business was being used as a front for drug dealing.