Today, the City Council is holding a hearing on the proposed changes to the noise code. From noisy clubs to barking dogs, from construction sites to Mr. Softee, the police would be empowered to give noise code violators summonses. The head of Mr. Softee ice cream will be at the hearing, to fight for the clarion call of ice cream. He says, "We can set up the music boxes so that when the trucks [are put] in park, the music shuts off." We hope the he goes with someone dressed as kind, benevolent Mr. Softee. And Gothamist would like to revisit Mayor Bloomberg's opinion on the Softee-situation:

"I like ice cream. My personal opinion is chocolate-and-vanilla swirl ... and I like to have a truck that can sell me an ice cream cone when I want it. But a lot of people find the constant playing of the jingle to be annoying when the truck sits in one place."

The NY Times covered the annoyingness of Mr. Softee's jingle last summer, at the peak of the ice cream rush.

According to stats from 311, noise is the top complaint, with over 20,000 logged. A friend actually complained about an insanely noisy fan from a restaurant (after asking the restaurant directly to fix the fan a number of times), and the Department of Environmental Protection finally showed up, measuring the sound levels, deeming it above the acceptable level, and fining the restaurant, leaving our friend in a frenzy of guilt.

The document about the noise code (from the City Council) is fascinating stuff. And you can find the Mr. Softee Wacky Wobbler at Mr. Softee Stuff.