The latest new design (the fourth!) for the planned Moynihan train station at the James Farley Post Office on Eighth Avenue was revealed yesterday, and while it is less dramatic than previous incarnations, it seems like this design might actually be the one that's built. Funnily enough, the Empire State Development Corporation can't quite keep up, as the images it has are old designs, but architect grubbykid analyzed the drafts of the general project plan and environmental impact statement, which have more accurate images. One of the changes is that the ceiling of the main space will be barrel vaulted, versus undulating - but still glass-topped, for a glorious view of the sky (we predict it'll be a romantic setting for cafes, places to meet for first dates, and movies). And Curbed points out the potato chip-like skylight is back in. While patience might be a great virtue, Gothamist is too excited for this project and cannot wait to take the NJ Transit or LIRR from here, versus the horror that is the current Penn Station.

In other development news, the City Opera may be building its own hall near Lincoln Center. According to the NY Times, it would be in the base of an apartment building located at the former Red Cross building. There's an interesting bit about the space, Amsterdam between 66th and 67th not being zoned for high-rises, so Lincoln Center might transfer its air rights, but community groups have been opposing it. Poor City Opera - they're like the Oliver (from the Brady Bunch) of Lincoln Center.