Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan is probably turning in his grave right now. Plans for the Moynihan Station have been "derailed" as plans to discuss it have been postponed. Officials had been hoping that the Public Authorities Control Board would approve the project this year, so it would happen under Governor Pataki's term. But with opposition to and many questions surrounding the project, the NY Times reports "the Pataki administration took the proposal off the table again yesterday rather than risk a vote against it." Hello, brinksmanship!

Last week, there was a lot of press about the problems facing the potential transit center at the James Farley Post Office Building on Eighth Avenue. The Post reports that the vote will be delayed at least a week as State Comptroller Alan Hevesi and State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver have objections to the current proposal while there's another plan floating around for a bigger development in the background and to whether or not there will be adequate funding. Since Hevesi and Silver are both Democrats, one wonders if this is just Pataki-project-blocking. Kent Barwick of the Municipal Art Society, which supports to plan, tells the NY Sun, "What I don't know is what level of documentation that the PACB typically requires in a project that it approves. Is this good government diligence, or it there something else going on here?"

In April 2005, we guessed that the Moynihan Station would happen before a West Side Stadium or Second Avenue Subway. Right now, we're thinking the subway has the lead.