The Friends of Moynihan Station shared a rendering of what Moynihan Station will look like, according to NY State. According to FMS, the Empire State Development Corporation has been "reluctant" to share them, but FMS thinks "looks great," though there's a lot that needs to be explained.

The Observer broke down what's in the rendering:

In the bottom of the picture is the Farley Post Office with a new Madison Square Garden in the rear. At the top of Farley, running along Eighth Avenue, is the expanded station for New Jersey Transit passengers (known for now as “Moynihan West"). Right across the street is where “Moynihan East,” would be—the above-ground structure would be a major retail complex, with the station at the base.

Also of note: a lot of the buildings surrounding Moynihan East do not yet exist: the Hotel Pennsylvania seems to have disappeared, replaced by a tall tower, and the two buildings on either side of 1 Penn Plaza (the tall building with two square neon red signs) is sandwiched in between two new buildings.

Here's a super-ginormous version of the rendering.

Of course, it's unclear whether the state will manage to build Moynihan Station, because it's begging for $800 million from the federal government in funding. Building estimates have climbed from $1 billion to $3 billion in the past few years the project has been lingering (way back when, the ESDC hoped to start construction in...2006).