For years and years and years we've been waiting patiently for Moynihan Station to open in the old Farley Post Office across from Madison Square Garden. And now, just two oh-so-short years after the Mayor held a ceremonial groundbreaking at the Post Office, it looks like Phase 1 of the project is really going to happen. This summer! Y'all ready for multiple new ways to enter the misery that is Penn Station?

The $270 million Phase 1 of the project, funded mostly by federal funds, "will roughly double the width and length of Penn Station's western concourse, extending it southward to encompass New Jersey Transit and Amtrak tracks. It will also vastly improve access to the labyrinthine station, creating six new entrances, three at the southwest corner of 33rd Street and Eighth Avenue, and another three at 31st Street. The entrances will have escalators, elevators and stairs to the platforms."

Work on Phase 1, is scheduled to kick off this summer with a completion goal of 2016. The $148 million contract to add the new entrances to and concorse beneath the Post Office building has been awarded to Skanska, with the rest of the project's money going to a new ventilation system for the underground concourse.

As for Phase 2? When Phase 1 is done officials hope the economy will be in a good enough position to go to that next step, which in theory will bring a new full-on passenger terminal to the Farley building (complete with a glass skylight). It won't bring any extra tracks to the station, however. Right now Related Cos and Vornatdo Realty are in charge of the development of that project—which is sadly unfunded. Patrick Foye, the executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey that is overseeing the project, told reporters: "This project is going to happen and we expect the commitment will accelerate those discussions" with the developers. We sincerely hope he is right.