Every New Yorker realizes that 'moving day' can be a pain in the butt, so you'd think only two moves in over two centuries might not be that big of a deal. It is when one is moving the entire house for the second time. Hamilton Grange was the country home of Alexander Hamilton, who only got to live there a short time before that scurrilous character Aaron Burr shot him in a duel.

The country manse was originally situated just south of what is now 143rd St. in Manhattan, before it was moved a block south in 1899, into what is now a cramped lot, crowded by a church and another building. That was supposed to be a temporary relocation.

This weekend, preservationists and a group of very skilled engineers transported the home another block south and a block east to St. Nicholas Park. The building was also re-oriented, because it's original southwestern orientation would have left the front of the building facing into a cliff in the park.