Last night ABC News and Nightline delved into the dark world of "tail docking"—which is the practice of cutting off dairy cows' tails. The disturbing and unnecessary procedure is happening in our own backyard, and the program featured undercover footage of New York State’s largest dairy farm and a major supplier of milk to NYC.

Their investigation found workers kicking, hitting and electrically shocking animals—on top of cutting off their tails and burning off their horns (all without painkillers). The dairy trade group says the archaic practice helps prevent cows from spreading manure and filth with their tails in barn conditions.

The footage ABC used last night is from this video:

This morning a press conference was held in the city by Mercy For Animals, where Linda Rosenthal (67th District) announced the introduction of New York State Assembly bill A.9732. If passed, this would ban “tail docking.”

Patrick Kwan from the HSUS tells us, "We’re hopeful that New York State will follow the lead of California and several European nations to ban the cruel and unnecessary tail docking of cows, this investigation really brought this horrific practice to light." As Mercy For Animals's executive director, Nathan Runkle, put it: “If this dairy producer mutilated, neglected or cruelly beat puppies or kittens like they do to dairy cows and their calves, they could face imprisonment on grounds of cruelty to animals.”