2006_06_catbus.jpgWe all know that city buses move slowly. Some might say it's because of traffic, double parking, the people who get off at the front of the bus instead of the back, but overall, we all want them to move a lot faster. The City Council's Gale Brewer issued a report on how to speed up buses and here were some of the ideas:

- Installing bus-mounted cameras for better enforcement of bus lanes and stops;
- Creating a wireless network to enable Smart Card fare collection;
- Extending curbs at bus stops; and
- Implementing “sting” operations where officers ride the bus and jump out to issue tickets to any and all vehicles blocking bus lanes and stops.

Yes, "sting" operations! We wonder if the cops would wear undercover "regular bus rider" gear, but either way, it would be awesome to see in action, not that the bus would move any faster. Hmm. Well, one thing we know keeps buses slow is that fact that many stop every 2 blocks. However, if even the local buses could stop every three or four blocks, we might be takling a whole different game.

Of course, we've always dreamed of the Catbus from My Friend Totoro. The MTA is already looking into Bus Rapid Transit for about 15 possible routes in the city. And check out last year's Pokey-iest buses.