West New York, NJ may have had a "Virgin Mary" in a tree for weeks, but now there's a new Virgin in town—and she's in New York!

On Sunday night, according to Patch, "a Sleepy Hollow resident suddenly noticed a pattern resembling in the Virgin Mary in about a three-inch indent in the tree bark of a young tree above eye level. The supposed Virgin is best viewed by early morning light, as one man shared his photo of the tree bark compared to a picture of the Virgin on a seven-day candle, and the resemblance is more apparent. "

An Ossining resident told the Daily Voice, "I came over to see it, and it's actually pretty interesting... At first when I saw it, I actually didn't see it. I didn't see the resemblance that much," but then as she got closer, "I could kind of see the resemblance."

As with the West New York tree, there's a shrine set up at the tree's trunk (accusations of witchcraft to come). Anyway, we're waiting for a third sighting, to make this the trend of the summer!