A motorist was killed last night after driving into an elevated subway station in The Bronx. According to police, the fiery crash happened around 12:15 a.m. underneath the elevated 1 train at W. 240th St. and Broadway. The driver of the 2011 Isuzu Rodeo, who hasn't been identified, was traveling southbound on Broadway when he struck an elevated train pillar, setting his vehicle on fire. A witness who was driving by the area just before the accident happened took the above photo, and told us: "The flames were so high they were reaching the top of the 1 train tracks next to the accident."

After putting out the fire, authorities found the driver unconscious and unresponsive and his body badly burned. He was declared dead at the scene. The Daily News says that a passerby at the scene told cops his daughter had died in a similar accident in Florida and asked if he could pray over the sheet-covered body. Cops say that the investigation is ongoing.