Already, eight people (including two police officers) have been arrested, and seven of them have been charged for their role in the motorcycle ride in which a terrified SUV driver was chased and beaten on the West Side Highway last month. One of those motorcyclists arrested, Clint Caldwell, has a slightly different story about what happened during the September 29th incident: he claims that SUV driver Alexian Lien ignited the violence by throwing a water bottle at the cyclists.

"You're going to hear that a water bottle was tossed out of the car and that might have provoked some of the anger from the motorcyclists, but he had nothing to do that," Caldwell's lawyer, Raymond Colon, told reporters. "No one can stand here or stand in court and say, 'I saw Clint Caldwell punch or attack the driver.' They're just not going to be able to do that."

Caldwell has been charged with gang assault, assault and criminal mischief. The other motorcyclists arrested include Reginald Chance, Craig Wright, Christopher Cruz, Allen Edwards and NYPD officers Detective Wojciech Braszczok and Samir Gonsalves. On Friday, an unidentified officer currently working on patrol in the department’s Housing Bureau came forward (nearly two weeks after the incident) to admit he was part of the ride.

And it seems there may be more arrests soon: law enforcement sources tell NY1 that the number of police officers involved in the ride is up to six. In addition, cops are looking for at least five other motorcyclists who can be seen on the videos attacking Lien.