A 36-year-old Queens man died after a car struck his motorcycle yesterday at 136th Avenue and Brookdale Boulevard around 6:00 p.m. in Rosedale. The NYPD confirmed with us that the driver of the car made an illegal U-turn at the intersection, and was driving with an expired license. Witnesses, however, tell the Post that the motorcyclist was driving recklessly and was hit by the car as it exited a driveway. "[He was] doing tricks on his bike, speeding up the street, maybe going 60-70 mph," a resident said, "He flew into the air. He landed on his face, and his helmet broke into three pieces."

A woman in a minivan at the scene of the crash, told the paper that she saw the victim immediately after the incident: "I just saw a motorcycle sliding down the street, and I thought, oh my God, what's going on?" After calling 911, she saw the injured man "bleeding, pressed up against the side of my minivan. I instinctively screamed."

This is the second time a vehicle has struck and killed a motorcyclist in under a week. Early Saturday morning, a man riding a motorcycle was struck and killed by two drivers, one who fled the scene, after he stopped at a red light on the West Side Highway.